BIC Matters: Email, Twitter, Town Hall Campaign to Support HB 1002 – CALL TO ACTION

Build Indiana Council is joining a broad coalition to urge passage of HB 1002 (long-term road funding) while also countering anti-tax efforts aimed at defeating the bill.

We ask all BIC members to do the following:

1. Call/email your state representative and senator.
2. Share your support on social media.
3. Attend a town hall.
4. Report back to BIC.

Toolbox:  The coalition has provided all the tools you need to carry out these steps and you can find them here.

Step 1
Call/email your state legislators with messages of support for HB 1002. A sample script and the list of House Republicans, including links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, is included in the toolbox. To determine your legislator, go to “Find My Legislator”. Ask your employees to make contact and report back to someone within your organization when they have completed the assignment. That will incentivize them to take the action. Your designated person should then contact BIC with results from your company’s contacts. We need to call Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.

Step 2
An anti-tax group has plans to bombard the Twitterverse with messages opposing HB 1002. To counter this, the coalition has prepared 33 sample tweets that you and your employees can use to show SUPPORT for HB 1002. It only takes about five negative tweets to make a legislator feel uncomfortable about supporting an issue. So, we must use social media to counter this. Activate those in your company who use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and have them post messages in SUPPORT of HB 1002. The toolbox provides sample tweets and graphics to share on social media. If your legislator is on social media, tweet them directly or post to their Facebook wall. Be sure to use the hashtag #Roads4OurFuture or #ReformRoadFunding so that we can monitor the success of our campaign.

Step 3
Our coalition is tracking local “town hall” or “cracker barrel” meetings. Each week we’ll publish a list of upcoming meetings and the House members that might attend. We expect anti-tax groups to show up; so we must have people there in support. This week’s list includes meetings in Muncie, Spencer, Greencastle, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Elkhart and Columbus. Check out this week’s list in the toolbox and be sure to attend if a meeting is in your area.

Step 4
Contact BIC when your company completes any of these steps. We will report back to the coalition.

Never before have we had a better opportunity to achieve long-term road funding. We will be asking you to be VERY ACTIVE throughout this legislative session. Thank you for your support.