INDOT Progress Estimate and Change Order Information Available Online

Change orders and progress estimates have always provided a steady stream of topics for the ICI/INDOT Statewide Joint Cooperative Committee agendas. Over the past several years, committee discussion focused on online availability of contract information. The first action occurred in 2016 with the addition of Site Manager reports availability through iTAP. Last month INDOT posted a webpage providing information about pending change orders. The latest step toward greater transparency occurred last week when INDOT posted a webpage including contract progress payment information.

The new webpages are accessible within INDOT’s website under the “Doing Business with INDOT” and “Contractors/Construction” headings. The initial webpages contain a vertical bar chart. The change order chart displays the number of days since the last action was taken on specific change order. The progress estimate chart displays the number of days since last approval. Hover your mouse pointer over a bar to display information. Use the drop-down pick boxes at the upper right of page to display contractor specific data.

We owe a big thanks to John Leckie, INDOT Construction and Materials Director and Statewide Committee Co-Chair, and his staff for their work on bringing these ICI/INDOT Joint Cooperative Committee action items to fruition.

Please contact ICI’s Dan Osborn with questions and comments. Mr. Leckie stated that he is open to considering suggestions for these two pages going forward.

Updated INDOT Change Order Request

A Change Order Request Form is now a required submittal for contractors when submitting a change request for extra work of any type per the newly effective Recurring Special Provision (RSP) 109-C-255, Payment for Extra Work effective for use in contracts beginning 10/01/2017. The RSP revises the Standard Specifications section 109.05. ICI has worked with INDOT to update the Change Order Request Form in an effort to streamline the change order review and approval process. Contractors shall use the form to provide basic details, unit price change order items and additional back up upon request from the Engineer. The Engineer will perform a cost analysis (new procedure) of the Contractor’s unit priced items and lump sum price(s).

As presented in the August-September ICI/INDOT Region Joint Cooperative Committee meetings, INDOT has generated standard change order review and analysis guidance for the Project Engineer/Supervisor (PE/S). The guidance includes a flow chart that provides a starting point and step-by-step instructions to help the PE/S navigate the change order review process. Unit price items will be analyzed with INDOT’s internal unit price item database. This database is populated with awarded bid unit prices dating back to 2012. The PE/S may utilize database filters to generate data by eliminating statistical outlying bid prices and quantities and including data relative to a date range, geographic area, and specific contractor bid history. The PE/S will submit a form documenting their independent analysis of the change order pricing and time request if applicable.

Please contact Dan Osborn with questions or comments.

Spring Joint Cooperative Wrap-up – Statewide Meeting

The ICI/INDOT Statewide Joint Cooperative Committee leaders have committed to identifying a process to improve processing of change orders from preliminary approval to execution and payment. Committee leadership advocated consistent documentation and regular communication as tools that assist in meeting expected timelines. ICI staff is currently updating the committee-generated change order request form available on ICI’s website. The form is intended to streamline the change order generation and INDOT review process by reducing hold points due to lack of information. Statewide Joint Committee leadership will study pay estimate processing expectations during monthly meetings.

Hydrodemolition waste water hauling is working itself up the committee issue list. INDOT and local communities are spending significant construction budget dollars as a result of the recent direction to remove all hydrodemolition waste water from the construction site and haul it to an approved treatment facility that may be tens, if not hundreds, of miles from the site. ICI is working with INDOT Environmental Division to identify a process to land apply the water on or near the construction site.

Newly adopted Portable Rumble Strips (RSP 801-T-209) are intended to obtain motorist attention and slow vehicles down prior to entering work zones. Committee members discussed expanded specified implementation such as semi-stationary flagging locations and patching work.