Spring Joint Cooperative Wrap-up – Subcommittee Updates

ICI and INDOT Bridge Subcommittee members have worked together since late fall 2015 to generate revised specification language in §702.14(b), Falsework Removal, to achieve a manageable falsework removal wait period and flexural strength requirement. INDOT is finalizing a unique special provision for release this spring.

Utility-related change orders were below one percent of the construction bid in 2015, as compared to two percent of construction bid in 2010. Recurring Special Provision 107-R-169 (9/1/2015), Statements About Existing Conditions of Utilities, Additional Right-of-Way, and Encroachments, contains clear utility involvement statements.

INDOT directs utility coordinators to be proactive throughout a project – from the pre-construction meeting through project completion – and especially pushes advocates participation in progress meetings.