When you take a chance by doing something you know isn’t safe, just to save a minute or two, you can end up with a time pressure injury.

Being rushed or in a hurry can:

  • Distract your attention from hazards you would normally recognize.
  • Create stress which releases the hormone, cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol can cause you to make impulsive decisions.
  • Lead you to take shortcuts in a process or procedure that was intended to prevent injuries.
  • Cause you to try to do too much.
  • Make you forget to ask for help to complete a task or find the correct tool or equipment to complete the work activity.
  • Lead to errors that cause you to redo the work, erasing any of the time you saved by rushing in the first place.
  • Prompt you to take shortcuts like walking between pieces of equipment instead of around them.
  • Cause you to strike objects with greater force and less accuracy, resulting in an injury – or a more severe injury.
  • Reduce your reaction time to changing conditions.


  • Take a minute to plan.
  • Use the right tools and equipment for the job.
  • Wear the correct PPE, even if it means taking more time to finish the task.
  • Replace the guards on equipment after completing maintenance or blade replacement.
  • Ask for help lifting or moving material or equipment.

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