As the weather turns treacherous, it’s time to focus on where you put your feet. Explore wet weather safety in this week’s ICI Toolbox Talk. https://bit.ly/37mPuM3 #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINsafely #ICITBT

Find out how the ITT Seymour District is using communication, technology and landmark partnering to deliver projects in the age of COVID-19 and beyond. https://bit.ly/3ldK4aQ #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #indianatransportationteam

Happy Anniversary, US Aggregates, on 30 years of industry partnership. You really do rock! Find a local quarry here: https://bit.ly/39lo3F7 #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #icimembersince1990

In 2018, one in five worker deaths occurred in the construction industry. Learn about the leading causes and how to avoid them in this week’s ICI Toolbox Talk. https://bit.ly/3kHMsY8 #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINsafely #ICITBT

Milestone Contractors, L.P. Safety Director Russell Randle talks about the importance of safety champions throughout your company in this week’s ICI Digs Deep podcast. https://bit.ly/3pLuxCG #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINsafely #safetychampions

Today’s the day! It’s the (virtual) 2020 Membership Meeting day – a year’s worth of updates condensed into one SWEET video that has something for everyone. https://youtu.be/a9HbmcPLces #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #letsbuildINsafely #ourroadsleadtosuccess

Today’s associate member shoutout goes to Assured Partners of Indiana, LLC, an insurance leader with a focus on rock-solid relationships, best-in-class asset protection and unparalleled service. https://bit.ly/36OARAF #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #icimembersince1989

The key to stroke recovery is TIME. Faster treatment can lead to significantly better outcomes. Learn how to detect a stroke on the jobsite in this week’s ICI Toolbox Talk. https://bit.ly/3e82qbm #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINsafely #ICITBT

Is Infrastructure Week FINALLY happening? Find out what our political experts have to say about state election results and the road forward on the national front on this week’s ICI Digs Deep podcast. https://bit.ly/3lvz5KS #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #infrastructureweek

Build a long-lasting relationship with associate member Shoreline Aggregate Solutions, Inc. Shoreline is committed to quality materials and superior customer service. Check them out here: https://bit.ly/3lqOA6Y #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #icimembersince2006

Stinging insects aren’t just a summer problem. In fact, they can be more aggressive in autumn. Learn what to do if you are stung on the jobsite in this week’s ICI Toolbox Talk. https://bit.ly/2Tw7Qn5 #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINsafely #ICITBT

Learn about the road Brian Gould took to arrive at his new position as Build Indiana Council executive director and gain some insight into the 2021 legislative session. Keywords? Grassroots network. https://bit.ly/2Gxn5t8 #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #roadfunding #bic

BKD is a national CPA and advisory firm with expertise well beyond standard accounting services. This year we celebrate BKD’s 30-year associate membership with ICI. https://bit.ly/2Jwa7gl #letsbuildIN #letsbuildINtogether #icimembersince1990

Jackhammers are basically compact battering rams that pack a lot of punch. Learn how to use them safely in this week’s ICI Toolbox Talk.