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Top seven INDOT Links for ICI Members

  1. Current and past letting announcements
    Contract Letting Information
  2. Secure electronic bidding info
    Bid Express
  3. PDF copies of 2008 through the 2020 Standard Specifications (effective on September 1, 2019)
    Standard Specifications
  4. Indices and PDFs of current INDOT Standard Drawings
    Standard Drawings
  5. Critical updates, direction, procedures and processes for contractors and INDOT field personnel
    Construction Memorandums
  6. When you need to reach out and talk to someone
    Frequently Used Phone Numbers
  7. When you need to access site manager reports online

INDOT Change Order Request Forms

Change Order Request Forms are electronic templates providing a single point of info for contractors and INDOT staff involved in a project. They help streamline the review and approval process for change order requests, reducing potential processing delays.

ICI/INDOT Committees

We offer many opportunities to share ideas with INDOT through ICI’s committee structure. Take a look at how our INDOT committees work, or add an item to an upcoming agenda.

  • ICI/INDOT Statewide Joint Cooperative Committee
    • ICI Co-Chair Keith Mullens, ICI Vice Chair Don Adamson, INDOT Co-Chair John Leckie and INDOT Vice Chair Greg Pankow
  • Northern Region Committee
    • ICI Co-Chair John Yadon, ICI Vice Chair Thane Knox, INDOT Co-Chair Jason Spreen and INDOT Vice Chair Jon Kruger
  • Central Region Committee
    • ICI Co-Chair Scott Beyer, ICI Vice Chair Brian Garrett, INDOT Co-Chairs Joe Novak and INDOT Vice Chair Scott Sipes
  • Southern Region Committee
    • ICI Co-Chair Corey Baugh, ICI Vice Chair Kimberly Arndt, INDOT Co-Chair Mark Fligor and Vice Chair Gary Kreutzjans
  • ICI/INDOT/IOSHA/ISP Safety Joint Cooperative Forum

In the Field

What new ideas do you have to improve the relationship between ICI members and INDOT? Your input is critical. Contact Dan Osborn to discuss industry issues and recommendations for improvement.

ICI/INDOT Northern Region Committee Members to Meet in Warsaw

We encourage you to attend the second of three region meetings, where Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC representatives will present a session on latex modified concrete. This 10:00 a.m. (EST) meeting […]

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Get Details on INDOT’s IDIQ Contracts at Pre-Bid Meeting

We suggest contractors participate in an INDOT pre-bid meeting on Thursday, January 14 to learn about the two IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity) contracts scheduled for letting on Wednesday, February 17. […]

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Bids as Read

January 13, 2016 Letting

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ICI/INDOT Southern Region Meeting at Bedford Public Library

ICI invites you to this 10:00 a.m. meeting on Tuesday, January 19 to learn about the bridge deck preservation process utilizing latex modified concrete. The agenda also includes INDOT specification […]

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