Asset Management Plan Review

Source: Indiana Department of Transportation

LTAP is now overseeing the review of all local agencies’ Asset Management Plans (AMP) for the Community Crossing Grant Program, for municipalities adopting the Wheel Tax and Excise Surtax, and for counties adopting the new higher rates for the Wheel Tax and Excise Surtax.

LTAP’s role is now expanding to be the reviewer of compliance for Asset Management Plans.  LTAP is assisting local public agencies in the development of their plans by providing technical assistance, reviewing AMPs, checking them for compliance with the INDOT approval template, and offering advice where information may be missing or lacking.

INDOT is asking that all AMPs be sent to LTAP for review.  LTAP will manage this process and continue to provide assistance.  The Community Crossing Grant program still requires these asset management plans in the submittal package.

The House Enrolled Act 1001 requires local agencies to have INDOT approved AMPs for the following purposes:

  1. To be able to apply for Community Crossings matching grant funds (Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant)
  2. For a Municipality greater than 10,000 people to be able to adopt the Wheel Tax and Excise Surtax.
  3. For counties to be able adopt the Wheel Tax with rates between $40 and $80 as well as for the Excise Surtax to be adopted with rates either between 10%-20% of the excise tax or flat rates between $25-$50.

You can find the approved AMP templates for pavement and bridges on LTAP’s website:

Asset management plans are to be submitted to LTAP electronically at and to talk with LTAP please call 765-496-0051.

State Agencies Clarify Local Road & Bridge Matching Grant Fund

A recent joint memorandum is intended to address three issues regarding the local match required for a grant from the Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund, established by HEA 1001-2016.

  • Use of existing Road Funds for Matching Grants
  • Use of Increased Wheel and Surtax Revenues for Matching Grants
  • County Wheel and Surtax Ordinances Adopted Before July 1, 2016