2019 Safety Program Awards


To be considered for an award, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Current ICI membership;
  • No OSHA citable work-related fatalities since January 1, 2018;
  • Must have one or more active jobsites available for visit during August and September 2019;
  • Must allow a random and unannounced jobsite validation and worker interviews;
  • Award recipients must work with ICI’s Safety Committee to participate in a safety roundtable gathering in early 2020.

Awards will be announced at ICI’s Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 21.


The ICI application process consists of three parts:

  1. Interactive application form which is filled in and submitted electronically once you have provided all of the requested information. Each section of the application clearly states what is required for that section.
  2. The application form will also request some independent documentation. Please save these documents as a PDF file to upload with the application.
  3. Once you complete the application form, ICI will send you links to electronic supervisor and onsite worker surveys. You will need to provide those links via text or email to your supervisors and onsite workers so they can take the one/two-minute survey.

NOTE: Please contact Ashley Aiken at aaiken@indianaconstructors.org, or by phone at (317) 634-7547 if your company is unable to participate electronically.


Applications are submitted electronically and must be received by Friday, June 28, 2019. At least the minimum number of all supervisor and onsite worker surveys must be submitted by the June 28 deadline (refer to application for minimum number needed).


To ensure fairness in the judging process, ICI will remove all identifying information, such as company name and address, from the applications and supporting documentation before providing information to ICI’s Safety Program Awards Selection Committee.


Please provide “yes” or “no” answers to three questions, adding explanations and/or comments as appropriate.

  • Please attach a sample copy of one of your jobsite safety plan, hazard analysis and preventative action.
  • Please attach a sample copy of your written plan to provide task-specific, hands-on training for new hires and employees who transfer to a new task.


Please attach a copy of the Table of Contents from your company’s safety manual.


Please provide brief answers to the two questions. These short answers provide additional insight into a contractors safety efforts that safety numbers may not show; so your written answers to these questions will help judges to better understand a contractor’s safety efforts and programs. Although ICI will remove all identifying information, please refrain from using the company name and/or company-specific acronyms in this section.


ICI uses electronic surveys to make it easier for companies to distribute and request anonymous feedback from employees about the company’s safety program. Contractors without the capabilities of doing the surveys electronically should contact Ashley Aiken at aaiken@indianaconstructors.org at (317) 634-7547 for paper surveys and instructions.


Completed applications will be automatically sent to ICI via the interactive application form. Survey forms should be submitted by Friday, June 28, 2019.


If you have any questions during the application process, contact Ashley Aiken at aaiken@indianaconstructors.org at (317) 634-7547.

AGC Future of Construction Survey

As AGC of America approaches its Centennial Year in 2018, it’s taking steps now to make sure the association continues to meet the present and future needs of the industry. As part of that effort, the association is asking members to help gain a better understanding of how the construction industry is and will continue to evolve and the steps AGC needs to make to ensure it will continue to help member firms thrive. To that end, AGC is asking you to take a few moments to complete a relatively brief survey.  The direct link to the survey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Industry_Assessment. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch.

AGC to document federal change order challenges

Change orders are a way of life on any construction projects. However, that is no excuse for federal agencies taking many months or even years to process and pay change orders.  Please complete this brief survey to help AGC gauge how bad the change order process is on your federal construction projects. All survey responses are anonymous and allow AGC to better articulate the problems you face when working for federal construction agencies. Participate in the survey here.