Updated Section 106 Procedures

Source: INDOT

In consultation with Native American Tribes and FHWA, INDOT’s Cultural Resources Office has updated our Section 106 consultation procedures that are effective immediately for new document submittals. These updated procedures fulfill INDOT’s and FHWA’s commitments set forth in the recently executed Tribal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FHWA, INDOT and Native American Tribes and streamline our consultation practices.

Attached are four documents implementing the new procedures and are described as follows

INDOT-CRO Consultation Steps:  Summarizes the updated consultation procedures.

INDOT-CRO Consultation Email Template:  Please use this template for emails transmitting Early Coordination Letters to consulting parties.

CP and Tribal ECL Template_without_106_docs_2017-04-26:  Please use this template for Early Coordination Letters when HPRs or archaeology reports have not been prepared and will be forthcoming.

CP and Tribal ECL Template_with_106_docs_2017-04-26: Please use this template for Early Coordination Letters when HPR and/or archaeology reports have been posted to IN SCOPE.

The Cultural Resources Manual (CRM) will be updated to reflect these changes. In the meantime, please refer to these documents.

If you have questions on these updated Section 106 procedures, please contact Shaun Miller, Archaeology Team Lead at 317-233-6795 or at smiller@indot.in.gov or Mary Kennedy, History Team Lead, at 317-232-5215 or at mkennedy@indot.in.gov.