INDOT’s Contractor Performance Evaluation System

Today INDOT released the following memo:

Date:  June 6, 2016
Subject:  Implementation of the Contractor Performance Evaluation System
To:  All Contractors, All Subcontractors, and those Consultants that perform Construction Inspection

INDOT is implementing the new Contractor Performance Evaluation System (CPE) starting June 6, 2015. Contractor Evaluations will be emailed to contractors and subcontractors in the future, so please provide good contact information for your company’s and subcontractors’ representatives to INDOT PE/PS’s at the start of your project. Once an evaluation is approved by INDOT, the representative will receive it as an attachment to the email. You can also review your company’s evaluations in the CPE system, if you have enrolled your company in ITAP and requested the CPE application.

Many of our prime contractors are already enrolled in ITAP. You may only need to request the CPE application. User and application requests are first approved by the company’s main contact person listed in ITAP.

Although contractors will no longer have to sign the evaluation form, you can appeal an evaluation by submitting your concerns to the Area Engineer.

If you have any questions about this new process, please submit your questions to