AGC Webinar Explains Mileage Based User Fee

AGC is hosting a free webinar, June 21, to explain how mileage based user fees can be used as the next generation revenue source for funding highway and bridge improvement projects at the federal and state levels. The recently enacted FAST Act included $95 million in grant funding for states to use for pilot programs to test implementation of alternative user fee systems. Since the gas tax user fee has become a less reliable funding source because of more fuel efficient vehicles, use of alternative fuels, and the political difficulties of increasing the fee, transportation advocates have been looking for other revenue sources. This free AGC webinar will feature the following experts who will discuss using a mileage based user fee to fund future transportation construction projects, state pilot programs to test the concept and federal grant funds available to support the pilots:

Jack Basso, former US DOT top budget officer and top AASHTO official who now Chairs the Mileage Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA), will discuss the concept and report on current activities to test the mileage based user fee approach.

Malcolm Dougherty, director of California’s DOT (CalTrans), will describe California’s upcoming pilot program testing the mileage based user fees.

Robert Arnold, director of US DOT’s office responsible for awarding grants for pilot programs testing alternative user fee concepts will report on how to access the available funding,

For more information and to register, please follow this link.