ICI Provides Member Silica Standard Compliance Assistance

On March 26, the new OSHA standard on respirable crystalline silica went into effect in Indiana (here’s a fact sheet for a brief rundown). To help our members comply with the standard’s requirements, ICI is teaming up the Cleveland AGC of America chapter – and many other organizations around the U.S. – to share silica monitoring data through the Construction Employers Association Silica Sampling & Objective Data Program. The program allows participants to upload accredited testing data into a database, creating an exclusive depository of what OSHA describes as objective data for subscribers to share.

You could subscribe to the service on your own for an annual $500 subscription fee, OR you can take advantage of our newest member benefit – a free ICI subscription!

Who should subscribe?

All members with employees engaged in work activities that expose them to respirable crystalline silica.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Access to a depository of industry-wide data you can use instead of conducting your own air sampling test.
  • Access to data that can assist you in the development of exposure control plans.
  • Access to SGS Galson’s free pump loan program along with customer services when you need to conduct air monitoring.
  • Five-day turnaround on test results.
  • Quarterly silica newsletter.
  • Access to a silica resource page.
  • Programming to help build a written silica program.
  • Programming to help write a written exposure plan.
  • An independent, accredited industrial hygiene laboratory reads the samples.
  • Online training for users, both on documentation and equipment utilization.
  • A “silica written program” template outlining the basics of the requirements for the OSHA Respirable silica standard (1926.1153).

How do you take advantage of this new member benefit?

We encourage you to subscribe to the program through ICI. Use the button below to go to the subscription registration page. Log in to your member profile; select one subscription; and submit your registration. You’ll receive a confirmation email. ICI will forward your subscription to the program. Once your subscription is activated, you’ll be required to submit at least one sample test into the database to gain access to the database.

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