Prequalification Required for Local Public Works Contractors

Local public works project awards are ramping up. To ensure all local public works transportation related contract awards are awarded to and performed by responsible contractors and subcontractors, the State of Indiana requires that contractors are prequalified by the Indiana Department of Transportation (Indiana Codes (IC) 36-1-12-15, 5-16-13-10 and 8-23-10-0.5). Prequalification provides the awarding local government unit confidence that prospective contractor is financially secure, maintains the capacity to complete the volume of work awarded and pay subcontractors and suppliers. Prequalification is recommended but not required for awarded contract amounts less than $300,000 as long as the local government and contractors comply with requirements included in IC 36-1-12.

Additional safeguards for local communities required by Indiana code include E-Verify for contractor employees, documented and active drug testing program (contracts greater than $150,000), liability insurance and training requirements for contractors with greater than 10 employees. A contract is void if not in compliance with these and other requirements per IC 36-1-12.

For additional information review, here’s INDOT Prequalification Engineer’s, Jose Murillo, 2018 Purdue Roads School presentation, INDOT Prequalification: Information for Local Governments.

You can access INDOT’s Prequalification website here.