IRS Proposed Rules Target Family Businesses for Higher Estate and Gift Taxes

Sign On To Letter Opposing This New Regulation by Wednesday, Sept. 28

Last month, the IRS issued proposed rules targeting family businesses for higher estate and gift taxes, simply for being family-owned businesses. They accomplish this by forcing business owners to disregard important facts like control and marketability when ownership of the business is being passed on to the next generation. The bottom line is that these broad regulations will force more companies to contend with complicated and costly estate taxes.

Are you a family business? Do you intend to pass your business on to the next generation? Then CLICK HERE to sign the letter opposing the new Treasury regulations. AGC is collecting support for a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew urging withdrawal of the proposed minority valuation discount rules. The deadline for signatures is Wednesday, September 28 by 5:00 pm EDT. Add your company’s name today!