INDOT Payroll Procedure Change

Source: Indiana Department of Transportation

CPMS Manual

019 | Contractor Payroll Management Solution

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to introduce you to your new Contractor Payroll Management Solution, or CPMS. Say goodbye to hundreds of payroll emails, printing to PDF, and the SiteManager attachment process. No more confusion as to whether payroll has been required, received, or reviewed. As of July, new payroll will be entered by your Prime into CPMS. (Any payroll prior to July 1 will need to be entered the previous way.)

The new visual interface will use data entered into DWRs by your field personnel to determine which contractors were working and when. Your contracts and all approved contractors will show up when you log in, and which required payrolls have yet to be received. The more accurate your DWRs the better, as CPMS will hold your Prime, sub, and even trucking payrolls; so instruct your HTs to be thorough, and if they miss something, feel free to override. Additionally, it is still on the Prime contractor to upload payrolls, whether CPMS has marked it or not.

Feel free to look through the CPMS Manual and familiarize yourself with the interface, as, barring any last-minute setbacks, the system is planned to be ready for July 1, 2019.

A separate manual is available for contractors, as the Payroll will be managed by your Prime. This manual is available here, please feel free to forward it on to your Prime.

Updates on this project, Construction Management, and other resources are available on our SharePoint. And as always, feel free to email us with any questions or other comments. Together, we will make this coming year the best yet.

Thank you,

Kenneth Gootee
Construction Management, Operations Analyst
100 N. Senate Ave, IGCN Suite 925-CM
Indianapolis, IN 46204