Senate Committee to Hear Road Funding Bill This Thursday – Call Your Senator Today

Chairman Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has scheduled a hearing on HB 1001 this Thursday, February 11. BIC is working with our road funding partners to prepare and line up testimony. We expect that Senator Kenley will not vote the bill this week. Rather, he wants to hear testimony outlining the need for additional road funding. If he decides to amend and move the bill, the committee will vote on those issues within the next two weeks. In large part, this decision will hinge on what position the Senate Republican Caucus takes over the next week as its members debate the issue in private meetings.

ACTION REQUIRED: It’s time to contact your Indiana state senator and ask for his or her support on HB 1001, the only long-term road funding solution that’s moving through the legislative process. It is our job, as road funding advocates, to emphasize that we need LONG-TERM, DEDICATED and STABLE road funding solutions enacted THIS YEAR. (Note: At this time, all senators are important – not just those who serve on the Appropriations Committee. Here is a Senate contact list. Click here if you’re not sure who your senator is.)

We ask that you place a phone call or send an email to your senator by end of day tomorrow. If you call your senator’s statehouse phone number and are asked if you want to leave a message, say “Yes,” and then leave the following message: “I ask that the Senator support passage of HB 1001 which provides long-term, dedicated and stable road funding for the future.”

Please contact your state senator as soon as possible.

Thank you.