Prequal Included in License Extension

Source: Christopher B. Serak, Prequalification Director, Indiana Department of Transportation, (317) 234-2115

Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prequalification Division will be as flexible as possible to allow contractors to continue to submit Statements of Experience and Financial Condition while such measures are in place. This includes accepting electronic signatures.

Certificates of Qualification are also included in the Governor’s 60-day extension of state licenses, announced earlier this week. If you need such an extension, please send a written request to the Prequalification Division. Such requests should be emailed as an attachment to the following recipients: Aggie Wagoner, Jose Murillo, and Chris Serak. Even if you are unable to make a request in writing due to COVID-19, we will not allow your certificate to expire.

Please note that the Prequalification Division is still accepting applications and processing them as normal while virus-related measures are in affect. The Prequalification Division encourages those firms that are able to complete their Statements before their current expiration to do so, rather than relying on the 60-day extension.

The process for completing and submitting the Contractor’s Statement of Experience and Financial Condition will be the same this busy season as it was in 2019. The Prequalification Division asks that you compile your submission into a single PDF if practicable. INDOT has eliminated the requirement that you submit your safety manual with your Statement.