New Season/New Jobsite – Keep it Safe

Safety is one of the key factors to consider as we begin planning for a new construction season. It’s important to have a plan to minimize the possibility of dangerous situations. Remember, it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow company rules and immediately report dangerous situations to the appropriate supervisor.

As we move into a new construction season, consider these sugestions to ensure jobsite safety:

  • Consider creating and using a jobsite inspection checklist.
  • Identify jobsite hazards such as overhead power lines, trenches, traffic bottlenecks, material and chemical storage areas.
  • Review the location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers and nearby medical facilities to use in case of an emergency.
  • Review the emergency contact plan, update it as necessary and identify the location of emergency telephone numbers.
  • Make sure everyone understands how internal traffic should flow through the jobsite, including those on foot.
  • Identify and communicate where employees, subcontractors and suppliers should park their vehicles.
  • Review the Hazard Communication Program, clearly identify the location of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and ensure containers are clearly marked.
  • Document that you have provided proper training to all employees prior to, or as they arrive, on the job.
  • Inform employees that the company will not tolerate safety infractions, and supervisors will follow the company’s safety policy, with progressive disciplinary action for safety violations.
  • Notify suppliers and subcontractors that the company will hold them accountable for safety infractions.

Planning ahead for safety will help avoid unnecessary delays and work stoppages. It’s more difficult to adjust or add safety guidelines once a job has begun.

Safety should be a vital component of each aspect of the construction process. A job is off to a good start when safety is a priority from the beginning.

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