INDOT Releases New Pre-construction Conference Agenda Template

INDOT recently released a new pre-construction agenda template. The new template is intended to improve efficiency, consistency and productivity of pre-construction conferences. The template is a great tool to help contract stakeholders, from utilities, INDOT construction and non-construction divisions to contractors, prepare for the pre-construction conference and contract onset.

Several ICI/INDOT Statewide Joint Cooperative committee informal partnering recommendations were incorporated into the agenda template. The recommendations include setting a separate scheduling meeting when conflicts become known at the of the pre-construction meeting, address constructability, phasing and pay items issues, discussion of expected change order processing turn-around times and agreeing and noting two progress estimate generation dates during the pre-construction meeting.

ICI extends a special thank you to Rob Goldner, INDOT Construction Technical Support Manager, for his diligent work on this effort.