Indiana Administrative Code Updates

Opacity Monitoring for Portland Cement Plants Removed
The State of Indiana published the final rule removing the continuous opacity monitoring requirement for Portland cement plants. The rule became effective April 30, 2020. Here’s the link to the Legislative Services Agency document #18-364(F),

Contractor Prequalification
The INDOT Prequalification Division has begun implementation of revised contractor prequalification administrative rules as they pertain to prequalification application requirements. The revised Indiana administrative rule became effective April 29, 2020. INDOT’s prequalification director Chris Serak and engineer Jose Murillo worked with ICI staff and board during the year-long rule making (revision) process. The amendments to Indiana Administrative Code 105 IAC 11-2 effect the prequalification certificate duration, financial statements required at different capacity levels, and financial requirements for contractors seeking prequalification.

Certificates may be valid for up to 24 months instead of 12. Current work capacity thresholds for financial statements internally attested as correct, preparated and reviewed by an independent certified public accountant (CPA), and prepared and audited by an independent CPA have revised to $1 million, $1 – $2.5 million, and above $2.5 respectively.

Contractors should review the revised rule prior to renewing their prequalification applications and financial statements.

Please contact the INDOT Prequalification Division for questions and comments.