Blacklisting Executive Order – What’s AGC Doing About It?

Source: AGC of America

Federal Contractors Face Additional Sanctions Under Final Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Regulation – Webinar Wednesday
TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to Block Application of this EO

AGC has compiled a detailed analysis of the more than 850 pages of final regulations the Obama Administration issued last week to implement the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces (Blacklisting) Executive Order and will host a complementary webinar for AGC members on September 7. AGC members are encouraged to contact their U.S. Representative and Senators to support AGC legislative efforts to block the implementing regulations for this Executive Order from coming into effect as soon as Oct. 25, 2016.

As it stands, AGC-backed provisions in the House and Senate versions of the National Defense Authorization Act—a bill passed 54 consecutively years that helps fund the Department of Defense (DOD)—would generally prohibit application of the Executive Order and its implementing regulations on DOD contracts and most DOD contractors. AGC and its industry coalition allies are working to extend that restriction to all federal contracts and contractors government-wide. AGC is also part of an employer-wide coalition that is currently reviewing possible legal options to blocking implementation of this rule.

While AGC will continue its efforts to combat this Order on the legislative and legal fronts, AGC members must plan accordingly in the event these regulations come into effect. AGC will post updates and analysis of this rule at our website: http://www.agc.org/blacklisting.

For more information, contact Jimmy Christianson at 703-837-5325 or christiansonj@agc.org