BIC Matters: Vote Counts for Highway Funding Bill

TO: BIC Grassroots Network
FROM: Vicki Kitchin, Executive Director
DATE: April 25, 2017

BIC Matters: Vote Counts for Highway Funding Bill

We’ve had several requests for the final vote counts on House Enrolled Act 1002. It’s interesting to note that the final votes were bipartisan. In the House, 60 Republicans and 9 Democrats voted in favor, while 8 Republicans and 21 Democrats opposed the bill. In the Senate, 33 Republicans and 4 Democrats voted in favor, while 7 Republicans and 5 Democrats voted no.

Here, we share those vote counts, a copy of the final legislation that awaits Governor Holcomb’s signature and the fiscal summary showing the new funding for INDOT and locals.

House Vote
Senate Vote
HEA 1002 Language
HEA 1002 Fiscal Summary

We are continuing to analyze the final language and will send updates as available.

Meanwhile, if your legislators voted in favor of the bill, please reach out to them. This vote was courageous and difficult for many of them; it is important that the BIC Grassroots Network show appreciation to those legislators who voted for this major highway funding package.They deserve a big “Thank You!”

Also, take the time to send special thanks to Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, Chairman Ed Soliday, Chairman Tim Brown, Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, Chairman Luke Kenley, Chairman Mike Crider and Chairman Brandt Hershman. Their leadership made this happen.