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Indiana Constructors, Inc. is here for you. We are the voice of Indiana’s highway, heavy and utility construction industry. Our industry has forged the roads and bridges connecting Indiana with the world, and we’re working on a bright future every day.

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  • Pinch, Shear, Wrap and Crush Points

    Originally published 10/18/2016 Heavy construction equipment uses a lot of power. Even with all the safeguards that manufacturers install, without proper precautions you could find yourself suddenly caught in a […]

  • Construction Noise – Protect Your Hearing

    Originally published 10/12/2016 According to a 2014 study conducted by Audicus (a hearing aid manufacturer), two out of three construction workers will experience some degree of hearing loss by the […]

  • Managing Stress

    Originally published Oct. 5, 2016 Construction workers consistently deal with extreme temperatures, inclement weather, deadlines, long hours and safety hazards. While all jobs create stress, construction jobsite stress places workers […]

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