At the Statehouse. On Capitol Hill. Indiana Constructors, Inc. is your voice in the industry regulation process. As new issues come up, our staff and professional lobbyists will analyze impact, create industry positions and advocate for you and your business.

We’ll keep you updated in our weekly newsletters and with special bulletins, and we may even ask you to help participate in the process by contacting your elected officials.

Check back here for news on the latest industry issues. Or find out what AGC of America has to say on the national scene.

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Transportation Funding Boosted in 2018 Funding Measure

Source: AGC of America Highway Facts Bulletin 03/23/3018 Transportation Funding Boosted in 2018 Funding Measure President Signs After Veto Threat Congress completed action this week on a funding bill for […]

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2018 Legislative Wrapup

Much has been made of the ending of the 2018 state legislative session, and with good reason! It was, by all accounts, chaotic and messy, leaving more than a few […]

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AGC Composite Pension Plan Update

Source: Stephen Sandherr, AGC of America Recently, AGC participated in a media rollout of the Give Retirement Options to Workers (GROW) Act with the future bill sponsors, the NCCMP and […]

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