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Mud Safety — Part 1

April is the month for rain showers — and mud. Mud is a major contributor to many safety issues that lead to severe work-site accidents and injuries. All mud is […]

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Roadside Hazard

Standing next to the roadside is one of the most hazardous exposures in the construction industry. This is true on highways, county roads and city streets. Drivers run off the […]

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The Hazards of Leading Edges – Part II: Excavation

This week we’ll look at leading edge hazards in excavation work. OSHA regulates hazardous elevations starting at 48 inches (four feet) in general industry, and 72 inches (6 feet) in […]

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The Hazards of Leading Edges – Part I: Roof Work

Falls are the number one cause of fatalities in construction. According to OSHA, more than 800 construction workers die every year while on the job. Because falls cause one in […]

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