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Weather: Prepare for the Worst

There’s a lot of talk these days about global warming, melting glaciers and the rising levels of the oceans, and almost every scientist has a different opinion about climate change […]

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Protection from Moving Tool and Machine Parts

Each week we hear stories of injuries and amputations when workers fail to use guards on machinery and tools with moving parts. OSHA press releases point out big-dollar penalties relating […]

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Skid-Steer Loader Safety

A critical incident involving the operation of a skid-steer loader happened this past week in Indiana. Fortunately, the incident didn’t result in a fatality – but it could have easily. […]

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Gas Lines — Don’t Try to Repair Them

Let’s talk about fixing natural gas lines – especially the half-inch to one-and-one-half inch size plastic lines commonly used as service feeds to residential homes. Gas utility owners state very […]

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